Curriculum vitae of Csaba Nikolaus Nemes M. D.

Born in North Hungary, in Eger in a family of teachers, I graduated from Kölcsey secondary school in Budapest in 1957. Having studied my medical studies from 1957 till 1963 at the Semmelweis University of Medicine in Budapest I received a degree with summa cum laude after approbation. During my university years I wrote several award-winning works on the microscopic anatomy of the central nervous system (1958-1959), on hypersplenia (1961) with my future wife, Dr. med. Gabriella R�pay, and on the experimental encephalitis evoked by Freund-adjuvant in the electro-encephalographic laboratory of the National Institute of Neurosurgery with the help of Dr. Imre Tomka. In the last year of my medical studies I participated as an internal editor in the edition of the four-volume "Medical Lexicon" in Hungarian. Since 1964 I have been publishing articles on the history of medicine in Hungarian, German and English journals alongside educational and clinical work. In addition to my 110 publications and lectures, I wrote as author or co-author, 11 monographs and reference books. One of these is the two-volume databook "Datenbuch Anaesthesiologie und Intensivmedizin", which was published between 1979 and 1992 in three editions in 20,000 copies. These handbooks are still in use as one of the best known works for the bedside practice of anaesthesia and critical care medicine, especially in the field of postgraduate education of young anaesthetists in German-speaking countries. For three years I also gave lectures on the history of medicine at the University of Debrecen for first-year medical students. My 350 page textbook "Medical History" for this purpose was published in Debrecen in 2007. After a forty-year practice as anaesthetist in three universities (Budapest, Homburg/Saar and Freiburg i. Br.) and four clinics (Neuburg/Donau, Überlingen, Ingolstadt and Pfaffenhofen) I am now retired and live with my family in Überlingen on the shore of Lake Constance. In the last years I have written a three-volume handbook entitled "Cultural History of Medicine" (1450 pages), first published in 2009 in digital edition and a monograph on the "Cultural History of Anaesthesia before 1846" with the title "The End of a Long Night" (ca. 350 pages). The readers of my books and publications may also study this digital textbook in a corrected, enlarged and updated version after registration on my homepage, which will be available in summer 2010. Furthermore, three chapters of this textbook on the history of medicine in Hungarian, mentioned above, can also be used by foreign readers, especially the index of personal names (a biography of 3300 persons of historical significance) as well as the annotated and thematic classified bibliography as a source book in two parts.

Being a passionate collector for 25 years I have acquired many old pieces of medical equipment. 1000 articles from my collection are now deposited in the German Museum of Medical History in Ingolstadt. Further "old-time" instruments from this collection are exhibited in the Museum of the History of Anaesthesiology in Bonn, the Museum of the University for Veterinary Medicine in Budapest and as many as 300 objects in the collection of the History of Medicine at the Medical and Health Science Centre of the University of Debrecen.